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New to the park, wondering about maintenance?


Hello, I'm new to the park, I've only been a few times, but I like it quite a bit. 
I'm a runner, but I couldn't find anywhere else with any sort of information about the park except here.  The Indy Parks and Rec website is woefully constructed. 
I was wondering about trail maintenance, and I had a few questions. 
Is it done by park staff or volunteers? 
Is it on a schedule or done as needed? 
I was there last week and a noticed a few trails had been brushed out and saw fresh chips as if someone had been doing some limbing, but then further down the way on the straight section there was a large tree across. 
If I notice something major like a tree, how long should I expect before it gets fixed?  Would anyone be mad if I cleared things like that myself?

Steve King:
Hi, Indy Parks does not have the staff or money to maintain the trails.  The users of the trail do the maintenance. 

This time of year the maintenance is done as needed. 

You can remove downed limbs, etc., but you can't use a chain saw.  Signed documentation is needed by the volunteers that use chain saws.  Note, you can use a hand saw.

This is the Facebook page for Southwestway, where you will also see work days posted.

You can also learn about trail maintenance by attending work sessions at some of the other local trails.

This is HMBA's Facebook page.

I don't have facebook, are there other good ways to get involved and find out about work sessions? 
I worked on trail crews in Arizona for two years and spent 3 years as a firefighter for the USFS so I'm a bit familiar with chainsaws and trail maintenance. 
As a new user I'd love to lend a hand to maintain what I'm using, I just want to make sure I'm doing it to your local standards and specs.

Steve King:
Work session this Saturday (11/10/2018).;topicseen


--- Quote from: Steve King on November 05, 2018, 11:15:25 AM ---Work session this Saturday (11/10/2018).;topicseen

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