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Where can I find info about French Lick Trails

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No activity on here for a long time.  And I didn't find a facebook page for the trails.  MTB project doesn't have many reviews or appear to get much activity either.
Are the trails there still active and being maintained?  Is there a place to find current conditions?

Unfit Nitwit:
Check with the Pro golf shop at the resort about the trail.

I rode there in early August.  They are still maintained and great like always!
I personally think they are a little harder than their ratings would lead you to believe for Indiana.  The golf shop can point you to the trail-head.  I usually do Buffalo trace clockwise and waterfall trail counter clockwise making a figure 8.

Hi, the resort legal team removed the FB page so that is why you cannot find much information there about the trails any longer.
They don't advertise the trails, but still allow usage of them. (which is a great thing)
The trail Maint. is all done by the Pro Shops crew.

We live within 10 min of the trail so if you have any questions I will try and help.
(weather, etc.)

It is still a great trail.

Steve King:
Check this out.  https://www.hmba.org/smf/index.php?topic=7687.0


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