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2018 Big Woods Brown County EPIC Registration is Open!

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Registration for this years Big Woods Brown County EPIC is open!  This years EPIC will be October 12th-14th and will be featuring some awesome new trail in Yellowwood Forest!  Several new surprises to come too, but more on that later.  Register now for the lowest rates! 

I love the Epic. It's a great day being supported with food and water (and beer) throughout the day and riding as much as I can handle. But, ... don't mean to be negative here,.. it's $95 now? I remember when it changed from the Breakdown it was explained as the same great event but at a more affordable price. I think it was like $70. I wonder if, in the future, there might be a "ride only" for those non-HMBA members that don't stay for the beer and music and etc. I look forward to it each year but the price has me second guessing now. Feel free to delete this comment but just wondering what happened.

 Early registration ends on Aug 19th, so register now while the price is lower.  Proceeds go towards trails and are the core funding source that has allowed HMBA to build some of the best trails in the county right here in Indiana.

Anyone know if Santa Cruz is going to have demos?

I have a question that I believe I know the answer to, but until I ask, I won't know for sure. We have tent camping, so I assume that I can't bring my pop up camper? Anyone know the long and short of that one?


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