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Ideas for trails in Michigan


I'm heading up to Michigan in a couple of weeks and will be east of Flint and north of Detroit.  I've looked on MMBA and found a couple of areas but I wanted to see if anyone on here has any recommendations.



Beer Detroit Iíve heard good things about the potowami trails highland park rec area has great trails. Holt ridge lake area trails are good. Very twisty. Been up to Brighton and ridden torn shirt. Main thing to remember is nothing is really techy at all in that area. Torn shirt in Brighton is labeled a black diamond and itís no harder then greenvalley

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I was thinking of trying out the trails at the Holt Ridge area.  They are close to where I will be staying.  Thanks for the info about the technicality.  I'm planning on taking one of my SS.

While I'd concur that most Michigan trails aren't especially technical, unless I'm missing some steeper, rooty climbs and descents on green valley, then I'd have to disagree with that comparison.

Holdridge is a pretty good mix of flavors. The shorter west loop is pretty flowy, with little bits of tech. The bigger east loop is more challenging, with more climbing and more elusive flow.

Brighton would be a good choice, with good mileage and variety. Poto is well liked and has good flow mixed with a few steep, rooty climbs. If you like flow trails, the new DTE trail is a very popular choice, but starting to get a bit far from your location. More local to you would be Lake Orion High School trails, and maybe Bald mountain and Addison Oaks. They're all worth riding, but we generally lack true destination trails in lower Michigan.

Thanks for the break down.  Hopefully everything falls into place and I can get up to one of those trails.

Much appreciated.


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