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We will post work sessions here and on the Fort Harrison Mountain Bikers Facebook book page.  Work sessions will normally be on Wednesday nights at 6 PM.  Meeting place is the gravel lot between LC and Schoen.
Work sessions will start once the weather warms up.  Depending on how bad the trails get over winter we may hold some special sessions to address really bad areas.

Steve King:
Check this out.  First time ever this hasn't been a climbing mud pit.

Big thanks to everyone that came out (Wednesday 4/17/2019) and got this mud pit into shape.

Anyone know if Fort Harrison is Is rideable today after two warm days of sunshine

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It’s “always” rideable, just depends if you want to deal with all the muddy sections!  :)
Sunday it was bad in a lot of places.  First 50 feet of LC was total watery mud from all the foot traffic.
Might be ok Tuesday if rain misses it.

Tried it tonight, other people were riding it. In the first 200 yards I hit three mud pits and turned around didn’t want to ruin the trail.

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