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2018 SWW Trail Conditions and Issues

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Dave G.:
The new year is here!

Currently thawing out from the Big Freeze of 2018. Trails will be unrideable/unuseable all week. Please stay off. We can't close the park to keep people off the trials, but consider the trails unofficially closed. MTB Project has been updated.


Dave G.:
After the Big Thaw of 2018, we have another freeze! Should be good to go all next week. MTB Project status changed to GREEN (but should be BLUE for freeze/Thaw)


Trail is in great shape.  Go ride!

Dave G.:
Unfortunately, not to anyone's surprise, with all the rain expected and recent snowmelt the trails will be way too soft. so RED conditions expected for the next week or so.  :'(


Any update as of today? We dodged most of the rain yesterday so we have had 3 days of dry weather. Iím not familiar enough with the trials and their tendancies after rain. 

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