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Why isn't Ski World a MTB park?

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Surely I'm not the only person who drools every time I drive past ski world...

I always think of that when I drive by also.  Many years ago there were rumors of someone making a downhill course using the lifts but I think lifts are gone now. 

I thought the same thing for years.  Used to ski there a lot when my dad was on the Ski Patrol.
Years ago, Perfect North looked to buy the property, but the current owner wanted to retain to much control, so it never sold.  Not sure who owns it now.
It could be made into a shuttle park very easily.
Someone hit the lottery and buy it!!

Last news I heard was a plan to build a 200 million dollar residential community.  I think the price the current land owner is hoping to get makes a mountain bike park financially impossible.

So yes, win the lottery!  Then instead of moving out West, stay and build a bike park.

Wasn’t there ski slopes in Brown County years ago?

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