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How much is too much?


Hey gang,

I am fairly new to the sport and want to respect all the hard work and effort that is put into building and maintaining the trails.

I was wanting to ride at either Fort Harrison or Southwestway today but we are supposed to get some light rain. How much rain is too much before I will start damaging the tails by riding them today?

Thanks for your advice.

This time of year it doesn't take much rain, especially as the trails are thawing out.  If you are willing to bail out immediately and ride the paved bike path, then you can take the chance to see.  But if you aren't willing to bail, today is likely out.

Yea, I decided not to go. I have a brand new bike that Iím itching to ride and with the short days, the weekends are my only chance. Unfortunately the weather forecasters were correct today.


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