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New Orleans mtb


Anyone know of mtb trails in or around New Orleans? 

The Spillway is the main trail in that area.  It is west of the city and if it is raining as much as they are expecting, it may not be accessible right now.

Check out

Thanks crawdad.  I was also looking at the trails in Baton Rouge or maybe even the Wild Azalea Trail.  Are you familiar with any of those?  The latter looks like a 3 hour drive from New Orleans, but I might do it if the trail is interesting.  My wife is attending a two day conference in New Orleans, so I'll have a couple of days on my own. 

I've ridden the Comite River trails in Baton Rouge.  They are not to far from my parents house.  Good flowing trails kind of like TRTP here in Indy.

I'm not familiar with the Wild Azalea Trail.  There are some trails just up I-55 in Mississippi that are supposed to be really fun.

Don't be afraid to ask for advice on the NOMAMBO site.  They are usually very friendly.  I will also ask one of my cousins who is pretty involved in trail building with that club.

I corresponded with Eric from NOMAMBO.  Said he lives 5 miles from the Spillway trail and its been closed since May.  Plus the website says its only  a 5 or 6 mile trail. 

You were right about Mississippi.  Mt. Zion in Brookhaven MS. is about a two hour drive, with close to 10 miles of trail.  Saucier MS is about 1.5 hours away, 20 miles of trail, but some sand and pretty flat. 

Thanks again, I appreciate the help


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