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PSA: Fire Wood Restriction in DNR properties
« on: June 09, 2017, 11:38:52 AM »
One of the reasons our trails are so much fun is that they weave their way through our State's Hard Wood Forests. So it is important that we all do our part to protect the trees that we enjoy riding through.  Indiana's forests are at risk due to invasive species and diseases.  The emerald ash bore has already wiped out almost all of our State's Ash trees and there are now other concerns that would impact our oak and maple trees. 

In order to stop/slow down the spread of these tree killing pests and diseases, it is a good practice to not transport fire wood.  Pests and diseases can get a free ride and spread quickly over long distances by the transporting of infected fire wood. 

So please buy fire wood locally instead of transporting fire wood.

If protecting our forests isn't enough of a motivation, then please be aware that Indiana's DNR properties have rules against bringing in non compliant fire wood.  There are currently some pests and diseases that are alarming to our DNR staff and as a result they will be strictly enforcing the DNR fire wood policy.  If you do not follow the firewood policy, you risk being ticketed and having your fire wood confiscated.

Please see the statement from the DNR below:

[/color]Be advised that the Indiana DNR is very serious about enforcing the firewood policy and will be stepping up their efforts to inspect more incoming firewood this year at the campgrounds.  Please pay close attention to the policy as it is stated in the “Must Reads” when you make your campground reservation on line or as the attendant assist you making your reservation by phone.  Additional information on the Indiana DNR firewood policy can be found at [/size]http://www.in.gov/dnr/entomolo/6413.htm or by contacting your local state park or the Indiana Division of Entomology.   The last thing you want is park security or law enforcement showing up at your campsite and removing your wood and leaving you with a slip of paper.  Your cooperation in this matter will help ensure keeping our parks healthy and beautiful.
Here is the specfic rule for what fire wood can be brought into a DNR Property

You can bring firewood into a state park, reservoir, state forest or state fish & wildlife area if:
  • It is kiln-dried scrap lumber with no bark.
  • It is from your home or other Indiana location and has all bark removed.
  • It bears a USDA compliance stamp.
  • It has a state compliance stamp with it.
  • It is purchased from the property camp store or on-site firewood vendor.
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