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Nebo conditions


     Any reports on Nebo conditions (trees down) from the recent storms would be appreciated.

I was out there not long after the storms and it was good. Few more trees down but nothing crazy. North climb should be good since it hasn't rained in a while

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Kirk Hilton:
Tried to ride Nebo on Sunday.  With all the dry weather we have had you would think the trail would be semi-dry.  No, the usual climb from the parking lot to the Combs Road connection was very muddy and extremely eroded.  Several large trees down.  I did not go farther then Combs Road.  Even the small down hill along the ridge was eroded. 

Had friends that rode trail two weeks ago after the big storm, said it took them several hours.
That day I tried riding the fire road from Story to Greasy Creek.  Mistake.  Mud and Lake Monroe water level.  Had to bush wack.
Guess my trail selections are not the greatest.  Get tried of riding BC.  Have done FL several times this year.


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