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New Geist Waterfront Park


Hey everyone,

Fishers has announced a new park to be built on its east side just south of the Olio Road bridge.

The following PDF posted on the city's website depicts mountain bike trails with technical features (top right photo)

The full article is available at:

Here's to the prospect of more trails!

I live down the road from this area in McCordsville. Work has been started but there is a long way to go. Can't see the park being opened before next summer, but I could be wrong.

David Kuehnen:
Actually the work being done there is/was to support a future residential  development.  The City still has not purchased the property.

There is a nice little beginner trail down the road at Flat Fork Park. There isn't enough room there to cram so much stuff in. It's a tragedy that there is no public access to the reservoir.  It would be a waste to put a stinko MTB trail there.


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