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Formal trail work sessions typically focus on tread work and dealing with Flood/storm issues.  Trimming back of the trail corridor is primary done by volunteers on their own Schedule.

Trimming can be done in a variety of manors. 

Hand saws: Walk or ride with a hand saw and cut back branches that are coming into the trail corridor.  Please cut the back about 2' off the trail, so they don't grow right back over the trail.

Weedeating (String Line): This is great for cutting back grass and sting nettles.  Please clear a couple feet off the edge of the trail so that the weeds don't just fall back over the trail.  Also please cut back extra on the insides of turns to allow better lines of sight.

Weedeating (Metal Blade):  Please becareful with metal blades!  These are good for cutting back honeysuckle. 

Mowing:  Industrial mowers can be used on the South Loop, please coordinate with me, so I know equipment is going onto the South Loop.  I do get calls and emails from the Crystal Lake Homeowners association when they see unusual activity (which is good).

Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle is an invasive and is spreading through the trail system. Its in our best interest to remove it completely (where we can) along the trail.  Smaller honey suckle plants can be dug out (you have to get the root ball out).  If you are able to identify honey suckel, please feel free to cut it off a couple feet from the ground and if possible dig out the root ball.  We plan to use herbicide later in the summer on the stumps.

main concerns:

Be safe: where safety glasses, gloves, and hearing protection.

Do not cut out trees along the trail. If in doubt, leave it. 


Please post up here what you are going to do, and what you have done.  That way we know where to send more volunteers and you don't hike out to find a section already completed.

Record Time: please record you volunteer hours and either post on this thread or send to be in a PM. 

Quality over Quantity:

Its better to trim back a short section really well, rather than to kind of trim back a long section.  Take the time to cut the corridor open at least 2' on either side and more on the inside of turns.


Paul Arlinghaus

I worked for a few hours tonight from 465 towards talking tree and all the way to "nettle corner" which was badly overgrown on the outbound.  Used my hand sickle bar and it worked really well.  Knowing the trail was closed it was nice to work and not have to look up all the time for riders.  Just one knucklehead rider out there disobeying the trail closed signs....


Also, Bill Ardery hauled out his mower and mowed the flatter sections south of 465.  Thanks Bill

David Kuehnen:
Much thanks to all the people that have help trim/mow the trail.!


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