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2017 Volunteer permits


The 2017 volunteer permits are in!

The DNR provided off road cycling permits for HMBA volunteers with 40 or more hours and SRAM funded permits for those with 20 or more volunteer hours. 

Our volunteers are the back bone of HMBA and we wouldn't have great trails across the State without them.  in 2016 we recorded over 4600 volunteer hours.  We suspect that many hours went unrecorded.  So please make sure to record your self pace volunteer efforts and sign in at HMBA work days.

For those who volunteered at Fort Harrison, Jason Hilt has you permit.  Hesitation Point bike shop has a supply of permits, so you can pick one up on your way to Brown County State Park.

I will work with David Gardner to get him permits for the Southwestway Trail Bums.

For those in Indy, I will set up a way to get permits to you. 

Please thank our volunteers!


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