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Can anyone up date us on Eagle Creek MB Trails? Will there ever be any MB trails built?

I wish we could say there is light at the end of the table, but with Indy Parks leadership and the local City counselor dead set against mtb access, it is not looking good that any thing will change. 

One thing that is happening is the that Indy Parks is trying to move forward building part of our proposed trail system (for hikers only).  So rather than fix the awful hiking trails on the East side, they are going to build more trails for user groups that don't volunteer to build or maintain trails.

Ultimately, until we find HMBA members who can build relationships with their city councilors and get someone on City Council to become our Champion, we will be on the outside looking in.

There are currently 5-6 miles of rogue trail on in Area L (non-Nature Preserve section) that have been built since May of 2014.  The park was notified in January 2015.  They have not be able to identify, nor catch the person and he continues to build. 

Here are photos from January 2015 with approximately 3-4 miles at that time.  Since then the rogue trails have increased to the south toward the Eagle Creek golf course and connect with the old, fall-line hiking trails in the Nature Preserve.

Steve King:
Eagle Creek Mountain Bike Trails. 
Meeting at Big Woods in Speedway (2nd Floor Meeting room), 1002 Main St, Speedway, Indiana 46224. 
June 21, 2017 at 7:30 p.m.

HMBA has been offered an option for trails at Eagle Creek, but not in the area we were asking for. We need input from the mountain bike community, especially those who live near Eagle Creek to help us decide on our course of action moving forward.

Did anyone attend the Eagle Creek meeting who can up date us?


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