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Conditions Weekend of 1/21/17

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Does any one anticipate anything in the vicinity being ride-able this weekend? Wondering about Nebo or something further south if necessary. Don't feel like riding in a cave. High temps and a new bike have me really itching to ride..

I cant imagine anything being close to ride-able.  Might be a good weekend for a gravel road tour of Brown county.  The gravel route for the Epic is on MTBProject and I think the Gravel Grovel and fun run route are still posted if you need some ideas.  The warm weather does make it tempting.

I suppose that's the voice of reason, hard as it is to bear :/

You mind posting links to the gravel route from the epic? I can't seem to find it. Is it an official 'ride' on there, or just a collection of trails?

Dave Tozer:
While not at all what you were looking for, there is the Mayor's "Polar Bear Ride" tomorrow.  :-\

Personally, I see me doing a cross bike mega urban tomorrow.

At least it's warm.

Part of me is considering throwing my tent in the car and driving to Big South Fork in TN.
4.5 hrs and it's an IMBA epic.
Free weekends only come so often.


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