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2015 Trail Volunteers who earned a free 2016 Off-Road Permit
« on: February 02, 2016, 01:08:46 PM »

HMBA Trail Builder’s Fund

Powered by SRAM

HMBA-IMBA believes that our volunteers are key to Indiana’s mountain bike trails.  In order to ensure our volunteers are rewarded for their efforts, HMBA-IMBA has created the HMBA Trail Builder’s Fund.  SRAM has stepped up in a big way, contributing $2000 to this fund.   This fund will support and reward those who give up their time to build and maintain the trails that many Hoosiers (and riders from other state) benefit from. 

This fund will start off by providing IDNR Off-Road Cycling permits to those volunteers who recorded over 20 volunteer hours in 2015.  Please note that we can only provide the permits to those volunteers who recorded their  hours.  If you put in over 20 hours in 2015 and are not listed below, please contact Paul Arlinghaus (PM on the HMBA Forums), we will add you to the list and get you a permit.

The volunteers who recorded 20 volunteer hours in 2015 are listed below.  Please check the HMBA forums for information on picking up your permit

If you want more trails and a free 2017 permit, come out and join us at trail building/maintenance events in 2016.

Name              Hours   Trail
Mike   Hill              299           Versailles
Tim   Weber      250           Versailles
Ed   Strobel       202           Brown County/Yellowwood
Mike   Lantz      131           Fort Harrison
Mike   Hufhand           129           Fort Harrison
Paul   Arlinghaus   124           State Wide
Jeff   Benzen      94.5           Versailles
Jaso Wise              90           O'Bannon
Allen   Edwards           82           Brown County/Yellowwood
Josh   Mangold           81           Versailles
Marc   Laker      77.25   Brown County/Yellowwood
Matt   Yost              75           State Wide
Jason Hilt              74.5           Fort Harrison
Ralph Lueken           70           Ferdinand State Forest
Jeff   Fetterer           69.5      Brown County/Yellowwood
Nabil   Imam      66           O'Bannon
Lucinda   Dunbar   64.5           Versailles
Pete   Kemppainen   62.5           O'Bannon
Jeff   Blum      60           Fort Harrison
Sandra   Gilmore   58           O'Bannon
Rick   Moore      58           Flat Fork Creek
Keith Moores      55           Versailles
John Bailey      50           State Wide
Len   Logterman   50           Brown County/Yellowwood
Dan    Oren              50           Brown County/Yellowwood
Andy Fuller      49           Versailles
David Gardner           46.5           Southwestway
Pat   Gish              46.5           Versailles
Jerry Roberson    45.2           Brown County/Yellowwood
Rob   Serbent      45           Brown County/Yellowwood
Elizabeth Entile      44.5           Brown County/Yellowwood
Derek Fetko      44           O'Bannon
Nate   Hawkins           43           State Wide
David  Keuhnan   40           State Wide
Richard Marheine   35           O'Bannon
Steve King      34.5           State Wide
Jason  Hilt      33           Fort Harrison
ChrisMoore      33           Flat Fork Creek
Rich   Ries              31.5           Versailles
Doug Thomas      30           Brown County/Yellowwood
Troy   Warnken          28.5           Versailles
Brian Holzhausen   28   Fort Harrison
Sean  Leslie      26.5   Brown County/Yellowwood
Tad Armstrong    25.25   Brown County/Yellowwood
Mahk Adams      25   Brown County/Yellowwood
SteveHarpster           25   Fort Harrison
Eric   Madson           25   Brown County/Yellowwood
Mark   Mueller      25   Fort Harrison
John Wall              24   Washington Park
Jennifer Ryan      23.5   Brown County/Yellowwood
Tammy Mebane   22.5   State Wide
Jul   Alvarez      20   Versailles
Wayne Bachmann   20   O'Bannon
Shawn Bott      20   O'Bannon
Sherman Butler        20   Versailles
Mike   Kemper      20   Ferdinand State Forest
Jeff   Leibovitz           20   Fort Harrison
Gwen Pennington   20   Versailles
Chris Ward      20   O'Bannon
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