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HNF Trail D work Sessions Sept 17th and 18th


At long last we are ready to do the work needed to open Trail D to bikes.  This will connect Yellowwood to Hoosier National Forest (Nebo Ridge).

We are working at 10:00AM both Saturday and Sunday, Sept 17th and 18th. 

The biggest challenge will be getting to the work site.  Take 135 South to Story.  At Story, head West on Elkinsville Road.  then turn right on Blue Creek Road.  Take Blue Creek until it dead ends!

The work session at Hoosier National Forest (HNF) will be a bit different from our usual trail building. HNF staff have cut the trail tread with a mule team.  So we are doing finish work and gravel armoring. 

Looks like the rain will clear out by 10:00AM.  We are going rain or shine.  So don't get discouraged if it is raining on Saturday morning. 

Please allow about 20 minutes longer than your normal drive to BCSP.

We are moving Sunday's work session to Brown County State park.  We are working on Bobcat. Meet at the scenic overlook South of the Ayes House. 10:00AM


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