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New Trails for the 2016 Brown County Epic
« on: September 20, 2016, 09:09:11 PM »
HMBA's trail builders and advocates have been hard at work getting new trails on the ground in time for the Brown County Epic (Oct 7th-9th).


We are still moving dirt on these trails, but they will be ready for the Epic

Bobcat Bowl (Brown County State Park)
Last year, the first ˝ of Bobcat was open for the Epic.  Since then we have worked to complete the Loop.  The 3 mile loop will be complete for the 2016 Epic.  Bobcat is an Expert Level trail.  It is narrow single track (often on steep side slopes) and has rocks, logs, tight turns and narrow bridges.  This trail drops deep into the bowls and ravines and makes good use of Brown County’s elevation with long climbs and descents.

Crooked Creek Trail (Yellowwood State Forest)

Last year’s epic use about ˝ mile of the Crooked Creek Trail.  We have 2.5 miles this year and will have all single track from Miller Ridge down to Crooked Creek Lake.  This trail is expert rated.  It has plenty of back country hand built flow, but adds in a lot of rocks and log features.  This trail showcases how to build a sustainable trail that has an old school feel.  We will be riding the trail in the downhill direction which means over 400’ of descending.

Trail D (Hoosier National Forest)

This is the trail that will provide connectivity between Yellowwood and Hoosier National (Nebo Ridge).  The old Trail D used an old road bed.  In discussions about adding bikes to this trail we hike the trail with National Forest Staff, and it was determined much of the trail needed to be realigned.  Hoosier National Forest Staff used their trail crews to clear the corridor and a mule team to cut the tread.  The result is a trail that is 2/3rd gorgeous narrow single track, with some wider sections (old road bed) mixed in.  This is an intermediate trail that will ride like some of the long fast sections of North Tower.  Long term we will gravel armor the tread to provide a year round connection to the Hoosier National Forest trails and gravel roads.

HMBA: Director of Trail Development / Secretary


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