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Hello all, my 9 year old daughter is showing some interest in Mountain biking after having participated in the Dino adventure days. We live in greenwood and are looking for a central IN trail that would be fun and safe for a kid just starting out.  Any suggestions?

When my kids were that age they enjoyed Limekiln and Pine Loop at Brown County State Park.

Hi Dan, I think Limekiln will be a great next step for her but am looking for something super entry level to start. Reasonably flat and wide and not at all scary. I've ridden alot of our trails but really can't think of anything that fits this description. 

Southwestway park has some wide flat trails that would probably be a good intro. The gravel/dirt horse loop (cockrum) and the trail around the west side of Mann hill fit your description pretty well I think.

Great sugestion,  thanks! I hadn't thought of the trail around the west side of the hill, that would do nicely I think. Is it OK for bikes to ride on the gravel/dirt horse trail?


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