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Final Panting Deer Enduro Update
« on: July 21, 2016, 06:42:45 PM »

Hey everyone,

Here is your final Panting Deer Enduro Update (unless another is needed).

Registration, check in, start, and finish are at Hesitation Point in Brown County State Park.  Registration opens at 9:00.  Rider's meeting at 10:30.  First wave rolls out 11:00 (well, technically 11:01). 

If you are under 18, please bring a parent to sign our liability form.

Race day weather:   H...O...T

Our official fueling zones are Hesitation Point and Hoosier's nest.  These are the only places you are permitted outside assistance (mechanical or handups).  However, due to the extreme heat we expect Saturday, you may accept and/or stash fuel and fluids anywhere on the course.  We will have coolers with water at Hesitation Point and at the North Tower trail head.  Also, we will score you as an official finisher after stage six if you have had all the fun you can stand, with 30 points assessed for each stage not completed.

Hesitation Point has one primitive bathroom with one stall each for men and women.  There is no running water at Hesitation Point.  Please plan accordingly. 

Enjoy Noodles and Company with us at the post-race social!  Bring your own drinks.

Remember the per vehicle $7 in-state or $9 out-of-state park entrance fee, and the $5 per rider daily trail pass fee.  These are not part of your registration fee.

With or new DINO partnership, we are still guessing at numbers for Saturday.  If we run out of parking, we will use some of the picnic shelters located just a few hundred yards from Hesitation Point.  We are set up for 20 waves of 2-4 riders each.  We try keep the number of riders in a wave low so that you have plenty of space on the single track.  If we need to increase the number of waves to accomplish that, we will eliminate stage six.

If you have any other questions, send me an e-mail at mike@pantingdeer.com, or text or call 812-374-6350.  It's going to be a great and challenging day!  See you Saturday.



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