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Bear Spotted



Local news is reporting a black bear was spotted walking on Gethsemane Road near Hwy 62 earlier today. Local residents have reported seeing it for at least a few days now.

For those that have driven to O'Bannon, Gethsemane Road is a couple miles outside of Corydon, heading to O'Bannon Woods, along the stretch where the road goes from the corn fields to the twisty, wooded section.

This is only the second confirmed bear sighting in Indiana in the last 140 years!

Updated information--The Louisville newspaper is now reporting the bear is supposedly closer to Corydon, somewhere in the area behind the Walmart shopping plaza. The Local Animal Control Officer wanted to shoot it and quit his job, apparently when told by state officials he couldn't. DNR officials and police are going to attempt to capture it.

And they keep saying it's from Kentucky....  He looks fit but I'm not sure he looks Ohio River swimming fitness.   

If there's one theres probably a few of them, LOTS of woods in Harrison Co forest for them to hide.

He could be a smart bear an used the bridge or hitch hiked from KY.

and now sightings at deams lake, which goes back to what I said.  We probably have way more bears around than most think.  I think it's awesome.


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