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Panting Deer Enduro Update
« on: July 02, 2016, 01:22:28 AM »

Hey everyone.  It’s finally July, and that means…Deer Season!  The Panting Deer Enduro is only three weeks away, and we have been busy planning a great day for you!

Our first season pitted the Force against the Dark Side.  Last year we brought you the Magnificent Seven downhills.  This year, it’s the Dirty Dozen!  Get your Lee Marvin on and tame the “twelve most twisted, antisocial bunch of psychopathic deformities you will ever run into”.  That translates to twelve fantastic sprint descents connected by recovery uphill transitions.  Look for the course log and map to be posted by the end of next week.
Did we mention food?  Of course we are going to feed you at our “after the race social”, followed by awarding our unique Panting Deer medals for the top three in each category (remember, your finish determines your race category…sorry sandbaggers), and our coveted plush Bucky O’Deer for the top finisher in each category (who needs a lame lion?)  And don’t forget about tubs full of great door prizes from our terrific sponsors…Bicycle Station, Columbus Cycling and Fitness, Explore Brown County, Hesitation Point Bicycles, Q’s Bikes, Salt Creek Cycles, and Flambeau.
Just a heads up...the Indiana DNR now requires a $5 single day trail pass.  Plan for that, along with the $7 in state / $9 out of state gate fee.  Sorry, that part is out of our control.

So, who wants to be a General? (gotta watch the movie).  Register at Pantingdeer.com for the most fun you can have on a bike!



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