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Moab this summer

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Passing by Moab this summer, staying 1 or 2 nights. I'm looking at Chile Peppers Bike rentals, and it looks like you pick up bike at 5:30pm and drop off by 1pm the next day. So maybe ride at sunset and sunrise? Is night riding allowed?

I can pedal, but I'm lacking skills so I would like some local feedback on what to expect out there. I've bike in South Mountain in Phoenix, hmmm it's all sand/rocks! My hydration pack helped when I landed on my back  :D

Anyone knows some nice easy trails? I'll be travelling with my gf, but I'm riding by myself. I just want to take my time, just be safe and enjoy the scenery. Moab will be our first stop on our road trip and dont want to mess it up. lol

Never been to Moab, but my sister-in-law was a nurse at the hospital nearest to Moab.  When I asked what the locals thought about all the MTBs visiting the area she thought for a moment and then responded: Well, they paid for our emergency room!

In other words, be careful riding there, especially on your own.

Steve Smith:
jfish, I would not recommend riding Moab in the summer due to the fact that temps are usually in the 100's. I would find a place in CO where you are above 9,000ft. Temps will be in the 40-70 range with no humidity. If you do ride Moab I would recommend renting a bike from Poison Spider Riding at night is fine, but doing it by yourself is not unless you are very familiar with the trails. Flash floods, heat and people getting lost are a killer out there and it happens every year. Good luck.

Dave Tozer:
I've been there twice. Both trips in mid/late September specifically to avoid extreme heat. Cold in the morning and by the time your'e done it's hot but not so much that you'l be in trouble. That being said, I have never cramped up so bad as when I've gone to Moab. I hydrated properly but there is only so much you can do.

Also recommend Poison Spider. The second time I went it turned out I wasn't feeling too great. I could ride but I knew I just didn't have the power to do the epic rides.  I did the Amasa Back trail and took my time and took rest breaks. You have to ride with someone on trails like that.

There is even a paved, Monon-like trail that puts you into beautiful country without any technical riding. I mention this to show you how many choices there are. With suggestions from the bike shop you can find exactly what you want to ride. Both you and the GF.

Slick rock trial is a good choice. Usually a lot of people around. Might be your one option if not riding with people on other routes.

Poison Spider suggested several trails that aren't too difficult and had great scenery.

My buddy did "The whole enchilada" ride. It killed me to not do it but I knew I was not up for it.

Respect Moab. Know your limits. Don't ride alone on remote trails. Hike through Arches National park, at least to "Delicate Arch".

Whatever you do, it will be a trip of a lifetime!

Good stuff gents! Definitely hiking at the Arches!  :D 

Watching videos about Slick Rock and Whole Enchilada... both are so enticing to ride, but very close to my limit. Looks super FUN though! Maybe next time.

I'll be planing on a early morning ride and tag along with other riders., any can't miss local restaurant I should check out while at it?


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