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Information Please


I am not sure where to ask my question(s).

Work has me in Kentucky and I have rode 2 trails so far. Being in Indiana for a year in 2012 allowed me to ride some of BCSP on a rental bike.
My geared bike is being replaced under warranty. I have my SS with me and had my rear handed to me at Youngers Creek and Ft Duffield earlier this week.

I have been looking forward to riding Indiana trails this weekend; providing the trails go "Green".
Most are red or yellow.
1) Any chance they turn "Green" for Saturday?
2) Can you ride trails marked Yellow?

I am in Louisville KY.

I would like to ride at least 20 miles both Saturday and Sunday.
Any suggestions?

Looks like you got your wish, some of the trails are now green.  I'd prefer one of the trail maintenance folks answer this, but you can ride yellow trails.  Just be prepared for some slop and potentially slick spots.

I did find explanation of colors. Glad BCSP went green.
Found where permits/passes are required.
Maybe O'Bannon Woods will go green tomorrow for Sunday.

I've seen the color descriptions written somewhere, but can't remember where.  Basically Red means stay off, they are not safe to ride and you risk damaging the trails or yourself.  Yellow means the trails are rideable, but not ideal so use caution.  Green means it's all good so go ride.

Found them.  Here is the link to HMBA trail status color descriptions:


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