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I'm headed to Ashville North Carolina in mid-June and will have about a half day to do some riding.  Any recommendations for what to try out there?  How far is Pisgah from Ashville?  Difficulty in comparison to BCSP?   Thanks!

I think pisgah is 30-45 mins give or take from Asheville. It's way harder then Bcsp. Unless you ride bobcat walnut and schooner on a regular basis. Prepare for some Harry ache. Then the climbing there well we have nothing that compares

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If you only have a half day then ride Bent Creek out of Ashville. More climbing than BCSP but similar tpe trails. If Greenslick doesn't put a smile on your face give up mountain biking.

I second the Bent Creek recommendation...had only a couple hours before I had to be back to pick up the fam at the Biltmore and IT.WAS.AWESOME!  Looking forward to getting back to check out everything farther south in Pisgah.

That sounds great, thanks!


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