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If this topic has been beat to death here already, I apologize. But I'm 90% sure I saw an E-bike on the trail today. What's HMBA's position on this? Or does it have one? 

Unfit Nitwit:
It would be the position of what the land owner the trail is on if they are allowed.
State and city parks do not allow them, unless I missed something checking on it.
Valley Branch will allow them if I understood what the owner said correctly.

FWIW this was at BCSP.

If you have a problem with it, report it to the park rangers.

I doubt they'll be too bent out of shape about it unless the ebike rider was behaving poorly on the trail, but yes, the current rules in Indiana prohibit the use of ebikes on nonmotorized trails on DNR land.

Ultimately the use of e-bikes on non motorized trails in Indiana will make our advocacy efforts more difficult. 

If you encounter any e-bike riders on State Park or Forest Property, please inform them that e-bikes are not legal on mountain bike trails. 

It is not our role to enforce rules. If they decline the opportunity to follow the rules, you can report them to Park Staff.


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