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BCSP and YSF 2015 Trail Volunteers with 20+ hours of trail work
« on: February 02, 2016, 09:05:07 PM »
Out trail volunteers had a busy year in 2015.  The wet spring and early summer, along with storms that caused flooding damage, created a lot of work getting the trails at Brown County State Park ready for the Summer.  Ed Strobel led weekly trail maintenance sessions which kept our trails in top shape. Sean Leslie organized a week of volunteer trail building by Cummins Employees.  This effort extended the Bob Cat trail. While that was going on in Brown County State Park, Allen Edwards was leading efforts to build trails in Yellowwood State Forest.  The first section of the Crooked Creek Loop where open for the HMBA Epic.

The volunteers listed below, recorded 20+ volunteer hours.  We know that there are volunteers who put in over 20 hours who we did not get recorded.  If you put in more than 20 hours and are not listed, please shoot me a PM.

SRAM has sponsored the HMBA Trail Builders Fund, which allows us to provide free Off Road Cycling permits for volunteers who put in 20 or more volunteer hours.  Those who volunteered in the Brown County area can pick up permits from Hesitation Point Bike Shop. 

Thanks HMBA volunteers!

Name   Hours
Mahk Adams   25
Tad   Armstrong   25.25
Allen   Edwards   82
Elizabeth    Entile   44.5
Jeff Fetterer   69.5
Marc   Laker   77.25
Sean Leslie   26.5
Len   Logterman   50
Eric   Madson   25
Dan    Oren   50
Jerry  Roberson   45.2
Jennifer Ryan   23.5
Rob   Serbent   45
Ed   Strobel    202
Doug Thomas   30

Flood Repair in Brown County State Park

Trail Builders in Yellowwood

HMBA: Director of Trail Development / Secretary


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