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Bikepacking Nebo and Hickory Ridge

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My brother and I did a two night bikepacking trip in HNF this past weekend. Mileage was low along with the temperature, but we had a great time!

We started at the north Nebo trailhead, and rode to Grouse Hollow Lake on the west side of the Hickory Ridge system. Camped two nights on a ridge overlooking the lake with a bit of hiking and riding on the second day, then took Trail 18 and Combs Rd back to the car.

It went pretty darn well for our first trip, especially while carrying all the gear required to sleep in single digit temps. Looking forward to trying again when it warms up!

I wrote up a trip report here if you're interested: https://schoolie.exposure.co/winter-bikepacking-in-the-hoosier-national-forest

Very freakin' cool!  Good write up on a great adventure!  Congrats to both of you. 

Thoroughly enjoyed your report. Thanks!

"The night was less miserable than we had feared"
Now that's an adventure!  Thanks for sharing the write up.

That was in my plan for last year and never quite made it out. It will happen this year.  Thanks for sharing!


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