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A must ride for 2016


Rick M:
Westwood is an awesome 10 mile loop with great views of the lake. I haven't figured out why more people don't make the easy drive out to ride here. You can camp,fish and mountain bike at this great location. It's an easy drive out 234 off of Pendleton Pike in Mccordsville. So if you have never ridden here yet add this great trail to your must ride list for 2016

Ben there a few times good ride. Some how I never made it there last year.

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Definitely one of my favorites.  I like the length of it the most.  At 10 miles, two laps is a day's ride.  Great trail!

Just rode there on Sunday with 2 other guys.
Had some really wet spots, 1 had to be walked around.
Other than that nice ride.


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