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« on: December 27, 2015, 09:26:42 AM »
The original intent of the off road permit was to fund trail access in State Forests.  But the State rolled it out for both State Parks and State Forests.  But State Forest could see very little of the funding, because the funds from permits sold in State Parks will stay with State Parks, and those funds will go towards the overall State Park Budget.

But we do have a way to use the permit system to support more trails in State Forest. If you want more trail access in State Forests, please make the extra effort to buy your mountain bike permit from a State Forest office. 


This will take a bit more effort and planning, but will help the permit system support trail expansion into State Forests.  Please make sure to tell the Forestry Office Staff that you are excited to see mountain bike trails in State Forests.

Most of he Adventure Hike trail is in the Harrison Crawford State Forest.  Please support more trails in the State Forest by purchasing your offroad permit from the State Forest Office.
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