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River's Edge Trail?... extinct?

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A trail called Rivers Edge Trail shows up on hiking and mountain bike trail websites and searches ... but nothing on here.

Also, I cannot find a map of the actual trail, only that it is 8 miles long and near 86th and Allisonville.

Is this trail extinct?

That may be the stuff connected to the trail behind BGI. There's the BGI trail proper, which connects to a bunch of little trails that were built when the various commercial and residential subdivisions went in, but those developers never maintained any of it. It's kinda eerie back there. All overgrown, but with things like pullup bars and washed out bridges and stuff. Folks who live in the apartments along Allisonville often run back there. Occasionally I'll see folks across the river when I'm at TRTP.

I saw an very outdated guide on BGI's site to some kind of trail system, but the pictures show the old building from the 2000's and a very different looking and longer Town Run... closer to what I remember from being a kid riding it with my dad at the very end of the 90's

Is is legal to explore there?  GIS shows the same company owns it as owns the BGI property.

I recall riding my '91 Giant Rincon rigid mountain bike on the trails east of the White River when I lived in what was then River Bend apartments in '93-'94.  I also recall some of the stuff Nate mentioned...would imagine it's all overgrown at this point but might be worth checking out!

This summer's constant flooding and wetness was not kind to the trails at all.  I recently did a recon on the trails behind BGI to see what kind of work was needed (I work at BGI and am the go-to guy for the trails), and they're currently overgrown.  I've been riding back there since the mid-90's, and there are sections that I've never seen overgrown that are shoulder-high with vegetation!

Later this fall/winter/early spring, after some of the vegetation dies down, I'm looking to put together some work sessions.  Going to need all the help I can get, so if anyone is interested, let me know: tsimeone@bgindy.com or PM me on here.  Especially in need of some kind of heavy-duty brush mower to get things cut back down.

All together, I'd say there's about 4 miles of trail between BGI and Autumn Woods, with the potential for a couple more.  And it's probably the only place in the city where you can night ride.  When we built the new store, Alex from Spectrum Trail Design put in about a mile of new trail for us.  There's good riding to be had, just need to get it cleaned up.


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