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NEED 1-3 Riders to join team for 24 Hours of DINO


8/20 UPDATE: We've got three riders for a 24 Hours of DINO team!  Looking for 1-3 more to join.

8/17 UPDATE:  I was able to connect with another rider that is also looking for a team.  If you're interested, but don't have a team, please let me know.  We can do 4 or 6 people (guys and/or gals).  We'll probably be a pretty casual team...just want to have a good day on the bike.  No pressure!

I recently moved to indy from AZ and want to ride 24 hours of DINO but looking for a team that needs a rider.  Don't know anyone else personally here that rides and not planning on riding 24 solo...maybe 12 solo if I can't find a team.

34 yrs old, male
I've ridden 24 hours in the old pueblo 3 times as part of a 4-7 man team
I've ridden dawn to dusk (Phoenix) 3 times; once as a duo and twice as part of a 4 man
I pull my weight and ride hard (happy to take my share of the night shifts)
I ride a scott spark 29er and have all my own camping and riding equipment
I like good beer...bad for that matter too

Let me know if you need a rider or want to put a team together!



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