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Soft spot


Hit Bobcat today and it is lots of fun and a great challenge.  I would like to see video of anyone clearing that old tree down that is raised off the ground and bounces when you step on it.  There is another smaller log within a couple feet of it and I can't figure out how to clear both other than dismounting.

There is one soft spot near the bottom that is deeply rutted and taking a look at the soil which has no rock or clay content I don't think it will ever harden without being armored.

That grind up the fire road is a beast and there is a tree down that is about 4ft off the ground that crosses the road that needs cut out.

Unfit Nitwit:
Jeff, is the soft spot down in the ferns along the creek, just after you cross the bridge and the creek? If it is, that is on my list of things to fix.

That's the spot Ed it's been soft every time I've rode it this year. Take the high side wall. On the log your talking about. That is also a recent fallen tree. But it's bobcat it can stay or go. And I usually take the left and head towards hp.

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