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Thanks MattW I seen some pics somewhere and it looked sweet,

The physical address is 10700 Bono Rd.; Terre Haute, IN 47802. If you get off of exit 7, head south on Hwy 41 until you get out of town. There are signs directing you to Fowler Park. You can turn left either on Harlan or Oregon Church. Bono Rd is a bit over a mile east of 41. If you are on Harlan turn right (south) onto Bono. If you are on Oregon Church go past entrance to Fowler Park and turn left (north) onto Bono. Entrance is about 1/2 mile either way on the East side of road.

Thanks, I'm excited about riding there, the description of the trails sounds awesome, and looks like it's going to be a great weekend weather wise

Hope to see you on the trails sometime! They are still fresh, need some polishing and smoothing, and we have a LOT more yet to build, but it is a fun beautiful place to ride! Will soon be a regional destination.

Trail conditions are Primo!! Come ride! We have group rides with our Bike Park Developer Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday at 6:00 pm. Come meet some of the crew and check out the trails!


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