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Even though we are currently under construction, the trails that are here are open! We will try to keep you posted of current trail conditions.

Address to park is 10700 Bono Rd.; Terre Haute, IN 47802

Trail Conditions are currently Green... with the notice that a few small areas still have mud but are passable. COME RIDE!

If you are down in the Terre Haute area, you should really check out the trail system. Those guys are doing amazing things down there and it is a cool place. I did a tour of the bike park in the spring and was impressed.

I am goin to be at McCormick's creek state park this weekend and was planning to come check out the park, I can't find a map that identifies were it's at can you get me directions, I will be coming from the Cloverdale exit,

I drove by it a few weeks ago, not knowing if it was open or not. If you search for fowler park in Terre haute, there is a Bono road that is just to the east of it. The enterence that I saw was along that road on the east side of the road. I will definitely have to hit up that trail next time I am in Terre haute.


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