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This forum will keep you posted on the status of construction at the Griffin Bike Park and notify you of upcoming work days.

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Address to the park is 10700 Bono Rd.; Terre Haute, IN 47802

Currently we have a 1-mile beginner "kids" loop in the Basic Training Skills Area. This was our first new "test" trail and it turned out great! The "big kids" portion of this trail is a nice 6/10's of a mile that will get your heart pumping! If you are on Strava have fun getting King of the Mountain!

In addition, there are approximately 4-5 miles of existing trails ranging from old access roads to horse trails to previously "illegal" single-track. We have rehabbed about half of these trails and they are fast and fun! Some uphills, downhills with a good share of roots.

On top of the existing trails, we have constructed approximately 2 miles of new trails connecting the existing trails and creating loops around the lake. Some are fast and flow, some are a bit technical. One portion even has a nice natural bit of pump to it.

We are in the process of finishing a section of the "Lake Loop" which has some amazing views of Stryker Lake on the Southeast end. We are VERY CLOSE to tying this into the existing trail, and then we will move on to expanding the "Perimeter Loop" from the park entrance North and East to the existing trail. This section is pin-flagged and ready to dig. We have at least 4 miles of trails "initially" flagged that will come next.

Saturday, Aug 1st is a big day for us! In the morning, ISU will be bringing 100 students out to help clear trails. Then, in the afternoon, the 181st Air National Guard Reserve Unit will be making a site visit. The 181st is ready to mobilize their soldiers and equipment to get the LZ area whipped into shape! Amazing! AND... Nat Lopes, our Bike Park Developer with Hilride will be in town from Saturday Aug 1 - Wednesday Aug 5th! He will be onsite every day. Come out and meet the crew!

Thanks for all your efforts!!  This is amazing and ISU is a great place as well!  My only wish is this was here during my time there 20 years ago, maybe some of the weekends would have been more productive :) !  Can't wait to come back for a visit to campus and of course hit a trail or two!!

What a great Saturday! Not only was our Bike Park Developer, Nat Lopes there from California, but in the morning we had 64 ISU students show up on a Turner bus to help us at the park! We were able to clear a lot of trail and build a little bit of new stuff! Then in the afternoon the 181st showed up in their military bus to see the project and discuss how they are going to help us get our infrastructure installed! Amazing day! Then we had a great group ride.

Nat and Friends members will be at the park all day today (Sunday), Monday, Tuesday, and most of Wednesday! Come check out the park and meet some of the crew. We will have a group ride at 6:00 pm Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Wednesday's ride will be around 3 pm. 


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