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Careful about posting phone numbers



-I understand if this needs to be moved, but wanted to get the word out since this was never an issue here in the past.

Just a warning for other people - I've had the same number for about 10 years without issues until I posted an ad in the buy/sell section this morning.  I thought I was clever by cloaking my number with O's instead of 0's, and using mis-spelled words for numbers. 
I am assuming there are either very advanced scripts or people with a lot of time running some board crawling software hitting this site, because I've had about 20 telemarketer calls since this morning. 

-Tho it may be too late to keep the same number, can 'Guests' view the profiles if I were to place my number in there?

If I log out and click your profile, I can see some of your profile. Guests cannot see your e-mail address. I do not believe they could see your phone number. But if it was me, I'd only share phone numbers via private message.

Steve King:
I was also just looking at this.  If you put something in Custom Title, Personal Text, or Signature anyone (even guests) can see that info.  The way you currently have things set up is perfect.  I can send you an email, but I can't see your email address.  Also I can send you a PM.  That is the only two ways I can contact you.

Virtual numbers are handy too, easy caller blocking. :)

If you are not on the do not call registry, get on it.


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