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Ft. Ben Weed eating


Two main areas need some attention right now as far as the weeds go.
Schoen in the open field area
Camp Glen trail first part and the last part.

Be sure to where pants and a long sleeve shirt as there is poison ivy in a lot, if not most of the areas.
I would also wear some kind of face guard like a chainsaw helmet and ear protection.

When you do trim the weeds back please:
1) Cut back at ground level at least one to two feet away from the trail and then angle up to take the tops off the weeds after that.  This way they won't fall over into the trail.
2) Bring a rake and remove the cut weeds from the trail.  This not only makes it look better but will also help keep the trail dry when it rains.

If someone has a map that can post it here with areas circled please do so.

I have next week off so I am planning on taking at least one day and weed eating as much as I can.

I am the Murderer of Weedtown, the butcher of weeds!!!

Spent almost 3 hours Sunday afternoon/evening clearing Schoen from the parking lot to the woods after the field.  Enjoy the clearer view!!!

Thanks Jason, it definitely needed it!


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