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Questions on Permits and fees

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Thanks for posting, Paul.  Is there a website where we can read the official policy change that is being proposed?  Its hard to respond to something you're not sure of.

Speaking of the tourism aspect of this issue: I caught this commercial on HGTV today (my wife was watching - okay).  The commercial looks like it's 6 weeks old, but its pretty timely for Kentucky to start advertising as a mountain biking destination.

Tim, I have not been provide with any documentation other than the link I provided. 

Matt,  HMBA has used tourism as a benefit of mtb trails in Indiana, but we can not be held accountable for the actions of our State.  If our State chooses to not take advantage of the trails we have built to attract tourists, then the local tourism boards need to fight that battle.

Lot's of great trails being built in our neighboring States.

Thanks for the detailed information,  Paul. I'll pay it without complaint because I'll get my money's worth.  Only time will tell if it affects out of state revenue.  I wager it won't,  as long as we gain access to State Forest to build even more world class trail. I suppose we'll see though.  Thanks again.

Allen Edwards:
Thanks for the info, Paul.  I totally understand the need to raise fees.

The document you linked to says that the off-road cycling fee will take effect on June 1, July 1, or November 1, pending approval of the Natural Resources Commission.  Any idea when this is on the agenda and which date it's likely to take effect?  I want to be first in line to get my permit!


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