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IMBA/HMBA membership flyers?


Dave Tozer:
Do we have IMBA/HMBA membership flyers? Something we could hand out during projects and work sessions? I often wished I had something to hand to people at Town Run during work sessions. 

Have we ever considered trail-specific flyers? Sort of a combo of membership info, trail info, how to check trail status, when to stay off the trail, etc?

I looked on, and while they have membership web pages, I didn’t see anything specifically formatted for print that you could download. The membership web pages have text with embedded links but nothing that spells out, “” or other links if you just print the web pages.

The “Spring Membership Drive! Join/Renew Today!” article on the hmba main web page could probably be adapted to a two-sided print format. It has a lot of info on it.  In fact I copied and pasted the info, scrunched the images a bit and got it onto a two-sided color PDF file, but the Sub-9, Western Spirit info and references to prizes may not not be the best thing to use.



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