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IMBA/HMBA membership flyers?
« on: April 16, 2015, 11:44:02 AM »
Do we have IMBA/HMBA membership flyers? Something we could hand out during projects and work sessions? I often wished I had something to hand to people at Town Run during work sessions. 

Have we ever considered trail-specific flyers? Sort of a combo of membership info, trail info, how to check trail status, when to stay off the trail, etc?

I looked on imba.com, and while they have membership web pages, I didn’t see anything specifically formatted for print that you could download. The imba.com membership web pages have text with embedded links but nothing that spells out, “www.imba.com/join” or other links if you just print the web pages.

The “Spring Membership Drive! Join/Renew Today!” article on the hmba main web page could probably be adapted to a two-sided print format. It has a lot of info on it.  In fact I copied and pasted the info, scrunched the images a bit and got it onto a two-sided color PDF file, but the Sub-9, Western Spirit info and references to prizes may not not be the best thing to use.



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