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Kevin M:
Continuing the discussion begun in News and Information...

An officer from the BPD and I hiked to the site of the DIY booby-trap and he recovered the spike strip from where the rider who reported it tossed it.

First, this is an isolated incident so far. According to vaedwards, this happened around two weeks ago and there have been no other reports or incidents in that time frame.  I did a sweep of the other trails and found no other vandalism or concealed spikes.

Second, as several people have already said, this sort of thing needs to be reported immediately. Call 911 and notify the Parks Dept. (use the parks@bloomington.in.gov address). Posting here is a good idea to alert other users (please use this Wapehani board rather than the more general news boards above), but it is not a substitute for reporting it through proper channels.

Third, it is certainly a good idea to document what you find, but then please leave it alone until the police arrive. Note that they are able to access the park through the Hoosier Energy gate on the south side if necessary.


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