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I recently saw there is a 6 hour race down at Harmonie State Park in November. I've never been there so I'm looking through the forums to get an idea of what the trails are like. But I can't find any descriptions of the trails at all. What are these trails like?? Is there a lot of climbing?? How about trail flow, ... rocky, rooty, obstacles,etc?? The course for this race is 13 miles. Can anyone give any input about what these trails are like?? Thanks

The HSP trails are mixed in difficulty, but one thing is for sure - there are no rocks.  We are blessed (or cursed) by not having any rocks naturally in our area.  We make up for this with roots and logs strategically placed along the trail.

There are two trails: Sycamore and Walnut.  Part of Walnut is scheduled to have an additional three miles added to it that will make it a loop.  Sycamore is one of the best beginner trails in our area, with little elevation gain and lots of flow.  Its a 4.3 mile loop.  Walnut currently is almost seven miles and is set up as an out-and-back.  It is an intermediate trail starting out similar to Sycamore but gets more difficult (technical turns and elevation gain) the farther out it goes.

For the 6-hour event, a walking trail normally closed to mountain bikes will be used to close the loop back to the trailhead starting point.  This trail has four major climbs/decents that will challenge the rider's durability.  They are wide (old county road beds) and generally smooth.  There are a couple of fall line trenches cut on the hills, but nothing difficult.

There will be camping allowed at the trailhead for this event, so there will be a place for teams and spectators to hang out during the event.  It is a beautiful trail in a great park.  Hope this description helps.  Please post if you have more questions.  Come on down and have some fun!

Here is a slightly shaky POV/third person video that was posted on Vimeo about a year ago. looks fun!

copy paste if link doesn't work I seem to suck at getting links to function properly lol

I think I got a little motion sickness from watching that video! Thanks for the info, I plan on being down at the Sledgehammer Event. Looks like a lot of fun.

Does anyone know if Walnut has been made a loop yet? Havent heard many people talk about this system in a while.


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