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Panting Deer Race Log for XBC
« on: September 23, 2014, 10:00:15 PM »
In case anyone is in the area and wants to test some of the downhills, the website has the race log for Sunday.  There may be some minor changes depending upon weather, staffing, and zip tours, but this will be the basic route.
Gary at XBC is offering some zip and/or paintball gift certificates for door prizes!  Noodles and Company will not be serving this race, but we have you covered with home made chili, chips, and monster cookies! 
Plan on a little extra time after the race so we can score the round and tally series winners.  Medals for this round, as usual.  Special 15" Bucky O'Deer plush toy and certificate to series winners, three deep in each category.  Bet you don't have one of these in your trophy case! (The TDF has the lion.  We have Bucky!)
Please remember that the race is this Sunday, September 28 at 11:00, NOT Saturday, September 27 at 9:00.  Be sure your friends know.  We have posted on the HMBA site, but cannot seem to get the change made on their calendar.  Also, printed brochures show the race to be Saturday, but we have posted the change on the website.
We look forward to another great day Sunday!


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