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Panting Deer Enduro at XBC!
« on: September 12, 2014, 12:32:45 AM »
 We hope you are ready for round 3 of the Panting Deer Enduro Series at Explore Brown County / Valley Branch Retreat!  We give you nine test segments with every type of challenge.   Prepare for screaming ATV and fire trails, technical single track, bermed switchbacks, rocky ravine runs, and steep descents!  Transfer segments are really tempo segments because they almost all have at least one steep section.  But, we give you plenty of time to get there.  Granny gears are welcome, or go ahead and push...we don't judge.  We want everyone to have a good chance on the test segments, so mountain goats:  enjoy the ride and the extra social time at checkpoints; it is technically a gravity event, after all.

For you old timers who rode Valley Branch many years ago...you haven't seen it like this!  We are busy sprucing up trails we feared were in disrepair, only to reveal nicely preserved, sweet single track laying dormant under the leaves.  Most of the dedicated downhills were not around during the old LOCO and DINO events, nor were the ATV trails.  This will feel new and fresh and super fast!  But don't worry.  We threw in some old favorites for sentiment's sake.

We still have plenty of work to do before race day, but we would love to have folks help ride it in, so we are revealing the route early!   Go to pantingdeer.com and click on updates for the race map with checkpoints.  The transfer/tempo segments are orange and labeled with letters.  The test segments are green and labeled with numbers.  No distances or times yet.  E-mail us if you would like a pdf copy.

BONUS:  XBC (Explore Brown County) charges $4/day to ride.  Bring your receipt for pre-registering and ride free all the way through race day!  Just sign the waiver each day.  Also, mention "Danger" (that's me) for 10% off zip lining!

If you tried to pre-register but could not get to the paypal page, we have resolved that glitch.  Try again!

It should be a great day Sunday the 28th!  Come early and camp, zip, ATV, dune buggy ride, fish, paint ball, or ride!



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