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Trail Work Schedule to get ready for the Epic!
« on: September 13, 2014, 10:16:45 AM »
We have a new trail to open as well as trails in Yellowwood to work on to get ready for the EPIC! Here is the work schedule leading up to the Epic. 

Sept 14th (Sunday): Brown County State Park (new trails) 10:00AM
Sept 21st (Sunday): Hidden Cabin Work Session 10:00AM
Sept 27th and 28th (Sat and Sun): Yellowwood State Forest 10:00AM
Oct 3rd -5th (Fri,Sat,Sun): Brown County State Park (may send some crews to Yellowwood).
  • Friday 1:00PM
  • Sat and Sun 10:00AM

Brown County State Park Work Sessions:

Sessions on Brown County State Park will stage from the scenic overlook just South of the Aynes House.  The main task will be building new trail to open for the Epic.  We have about 1.5 miles of trail built (expert level trail) and just need to finish a connector from the Top of Aynes to the new trail. 

On Friday's work session will be with employees from Cummins.  We need some experienced volunteers to work with them.

Hidden Cabin Work Session:

We will be working on the fire road from Brown County State Park to the hidden cabin.  This will involve chainsaw work and weed eating.  I will be using this session as a chainsaw operator training class for anyone interested in chainsawing for HMBA.  I will also have a mission for a couple riders who would want to ride and clear/report back on the conditions of a nearby trail.  Those interested will need to PM me for directions to the cabin as it is private property.

Yellowwood State Forest:

We will be meeting at the upper handicap parking lot on crooked Rd.  This is the parking lot on the right just as you start to go down the big hill.  Look for the white HMBA box trailer.  We have a small reroute to do on the Lucas Hollow trail and need to clear the fire roads and trails we are using for the event.  HMBA certified chainsaw opperator's are needed, and some areas likely need to be weedwacked.  We have a lot of distance to cover and can access some locations by vehicle (I do not recommend vehicles with low clearance).  We can access some areas by atv, if you wish to bring an atv for chainsawing, please let me know ahead of time.  We will be hand building new trails in Yellowwood this winter, so it is a good chance for HMBA volunteers to become familiar with the area.
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