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 In every classic trilogy, the second movement is dark and foreboding.  This is necessary for the resolution that comes with the third. 

The second episode of the Panting Deer Enduro Series is no exception.  It is an epic struggle between good and evil, where evil may just have the upper hand.
In this round, we give you sinister test segments, where rocks, ruts, mud holes, roots, and yes, even quick sand attack your rhythm and scuff your speed at just the wrong times.  Virtuous transfer and tempo segments will be welcome and memorable characters, providing love and laughter in a world of wracked with conflict.

In fact, we are so excited about the challenge and fun offered by these runs, we have named them after characters you may recognize from another famous double trilogy.
Introducing the Panting Deer Enduro Series, round 2:  http://www.pantingdeer.com/youth-camp---stony-log.html

 If this rank of adventure and challenge incites the Luke Skywalker in you, sign up soon so we know to expect you!  If it incites the Scooby Doo in you, come out anyway and enjoy the day with us.  We can always use (and feed) volunteers.

Distances, times, speeds, and maps coming soon.
Note:  Columbus Youth Camp been logged and newly ditch witched, and is in need of tires, so come on out and practice at will!  Stoney Lonesome Motorcycle Club is not available for practice or pre-riding, but will be rip-snorting and raring to go on race day!

More to come soon!
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