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Dino for Saturday?

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So a question for you experienced trail folks. I know DINO says that the saturday race will go rain or shine but will the trail actually be rideable with all this rain we have been getting?

The trail is very sandy and drains amazingly well. It doesn't have very many spots that get muddy.
If it is actually raining while racing (or has just finished), you'll get a lot of gritty splash. Roots and wood bridges would be slick.

I can second what Brian is saying.  I have raced there for over a decade and have raced it in the rain. It is one place that just does not get muddy due to the soil composition being very sandy. It does get tricky, but you will not come out of a lap covered in mud.

So, I've just replaced much of my drivetrain for this race season. This includes, BB, pedals, cleats, cassette, chain, etc. Can you tell me that the conditions will not put those new components into jeopardy or require me to replace the BB after the race? BB30 is the new standard and does not do well in mud. None of the components for modern XC mountain bikes are designed to withstand the rigors of mud, especially mixed with sand. Thanks in advance for the guidance!

If it's raining, an old bike may be a wise choice. Grit-filled water sprays up on everything if it is raining during the race (wear clear glasses). If the rain has had a few hours to soak down, it's not too bad.


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