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--- Quote from: Miller1651 on June 03, 2014, 03:13:50 PM ---Is there a place that has a detailed, labeled map with names? I keep hearing names for different sections, but new here so I still don't know which parts are which.

Also, being colorblind doesn't help understand the maps posted here...or the signs out on the trails. Is there a detail anywhere of where I'm specifically not supposed to be?

--- End quote ---

If you hover over a section of trail it will give you the name of that area as well as highlight the trail.

The above link is about the same thing except you can click on the name of each individual trail and it will give you a detailed description of the trail including where it starts and ends from the main parking lot.

Awesome, thanks.

Any chance someone could work a little Google Map magic and get an updaterd map for the new trails that have been completed and ready to ride!? I was out there last week and think I might have been off the beaten path, so to speak. I was on a trail right along the river, which I suspect might just be an old fishermans path.   :o

the Trail Guide contains the "most current" official listing.  AFAIK, the stuff heading south along the river is not officially complete yet.  There is an old fisherman's path along the river, which floods out at times, so a return leg is getting hand built.

Once I hear the official "complete" word on that section, I'm going to be getting out and adding it to the MTB Project listing (and to our Trail Guide).  The reason is that I also obtain pictures along with the GPS tracks and I want the pictures to reflect the finished status.

Good enough.  Yep, the trail along the river would for sure be in the water during Spring flows!


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